Chamber Dryer

Particularly apt for Herbs, Spices and other agricultural produce

The Innotech drying chamber offers you the opportunity to reduce the actual high energy cost of the drying process significantly - at high product quality. The overflow air flow mode as well as the presetable recirculating mode not only leads to a reduction of the specific energy requirement, but also guarantee uniform drying in the entire drying chamber - even without turning of the product and therefore without crumble losses and high labour requirement.

High efficiency of all used components is a prerequisite for the desired low specific energy requirement. Therefore we use only well selected components of the leading European manufactures, which gives also the guarantee for robustness, reliability and high performance - necessary for professional use.

Innovative Technoly with high benefit

Special feature of the INNOTECH Drying center is the continuous recirculation of the drying air, which is mixed with a presetable, well defined amount of fresh air. Heat is transferred to the reciruclating air by means of an air-water heat exchanger which is installed in the upper level of the drying chamber. Heating can be done by gas, fossil fuel, wood, solar energy or even the waste heat of a districit heating central plant. Two high performance fans which produce an air flow rate up to 20 000 m3/h are installed for circulation of the air. After mixing with fresh air the drying air is feeded vertically into the drying chamber. Up to 10 trolleys with 30 trays each can be loaded into the drying chamber.

The trolleys are arranged wedge shaped in two rows. This arrangement leads to an uniform air distribution in the entire inlet cross section. Air flow happens over and above and not through the product. Due to that mode of air flow the air resistance and thus the energy requirement of the fan is significantly reduced. Furthermore a gentle and smooth drying occurs.

Effektive Nutzung vorhandener Energiequellen

The Innotech drying center is characterized by:

  • an installation completely done by heat insulation panels,
  • a low area requirement,
  • a flexible adjustment of the drying capacity to the yield,
  • an easy loading and unloading by means of trolleys,
  • a quasi-continuous operation like "First in - First out".

High flexibility in terms of thermal energy used, e.g.

  • gas heater,
  • fossil fuel,
  • renewable energies (solar energy or wood),
  • waste heat of a district heating central plant.
Automatic adjustment of the heating power to the heat requirements by means of the use of high efficient modulating gas-fired water heater.

Techncal Data

Length: 10 m
Width: 2,20 m
Total height: 3,50 m
Material of the Chamber: 100 mm PU-Heat insulation panels
Material of the false floor: 40 mm PU-Heat insulation panels
Doors: 2 Sliding doors, approx. 1.9 m wide
Interior Equipment: 10 Stainless steel trolleys equipped with stainless steel trays
Technical Room:
Length: 3 m
Width: 2,20 m
Height: 2,50 m
Material of the walls: 40 mm PU-Heat insulation panels
Door: 0,90 m x 2 m
Technical Equipment:
Recirculating fans: 2 High performance axial flow fans, 400V
Material of the exhaust flap: Duropal
Control System: Temperature control & 24 h timer
Standard - Heating System: 2 modulating gas fired water heater with 65 kW each, air-water heat exchanger

Operating units