HT 6d Pharma

Our special design for the pharmaceutical industry, ideal for drying tablet production precursors.

Technical data

Width: approx. 1,20 m
Depth: 1,60 m
Height: 2,45 m
Drying area: approx. 10,5 m2
Heating power: 10 kW
Basic construction: 100 mm PU thermal insulation panels
Doors: 100 mm PU thermal insulation panels,
fogged inside
Tray trolleys: 2Tray trolley: 25 pieces of V2A, each equipped with:
  • 1 rear mounted classfilter plate H11,
  • 4 fixed castors for insertion into the dryer,
  • underframe with 2 fixed and
    2 steerable rollers for transporting the trolley,
Circulation: 1 cross-flow fan 400 V, 50 Hz with 2kW power & frequency controller
Heat generation: Electric heating coil with 10 kW (3 groups of 3.3 kW each)
Stainless steel register housing
Exhaust and supply air: Controlled via exhaust and supply air flap depending on the dryer room temperature.
Supply air is guided via classfilter H11
Timing: 24 h

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