Sterile preparation of food by optically controlled water jet cutting

Problem definition:

  • Inadequate treatment leads to quality losses
  • Hygienic safety of agricultural products
  • flow behavior
  • Transfer of microorganisms and contamination of cut surfaces

Project's goal

  • Automation of the preparation process
  • Improvement of product quality, product safety & product hygiene
  • Minimization of losses
  • Increased yield, output and productivity

Materials and methods:

  • Digitally controlled 3-axis robot with optical contour recognition
  • Combination of image processing, separation technology and automation


  • Hydraulic parameters: Pressure, diameter, flow rate
  • Cutting parameters: Speed, beam distance, cutting angle
  • Material & Optical Properties


  • Clean separation of peel and fruit
  • High colour contrast of the cut surface
  • Low roughness depth of the cut surface
  • Aesthetic product

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) through the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) as part of the innovation promotion programme.